Butter Studio @ Jalan Besar

After a failed sweets hunting trip in The Tiramisu Hero, I was determined to close the meal with good dessert and hope that Butter Studio, who has been around for quite some time can deliver better. They are located just 10 minutes walk from the previous.


It was easy to miss them out as their signboard’s color was too close to the wall color, which was probably explained the existence of this white signboard.



Good amount of choices, some of them resemble the cupcakes from a popular chain store.


Pretty comfy and quiet as no crowd yet.


Red Velvet – Intend to try out first before ordering more, I started off with a red velvet. The sponge part was dry and crumble easily, while both the sponge and cream have an uniquely odd taste, it was okay though when combined, guess this is the negative times negative equal to positive. ($3.20)


Latte –  This cappuccino-lookalike latte reminds me of the coffee I brew at home. ($5.00)

Despite another failed attempt to cure my craving, I was unsure if I want to have another try on another cupcake.


Butter Studio
147 Jalan Besar, (S) 208865
T: (65) 6294 7115
Sun – Thurs: 12pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm -12mn
Tues (closed)


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